Kogado Studio launches 20th anniversary teaser website

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If you’ve been raring for a release from a relatively subversive Japanese development studio like Kogado Studio, you might be interested to hear about this new teaser website.

But before we talk about that, let’s take a trip down memory lane to June 20, 2002 – going back exactly 20 years from today (and no, this isn’t a coincidence, nor is it an Illuminati conspiracy theory adaptation).

2002 was the year Kogado Studio released Tristia of the Deep-Blue Sea, a simulation title, starring an adolescent inventor and builder who must rejuvenate the city of Tristia back to its former seaside glory through the use of technological gadgets and resources found throughout the game, which are then sold to the residents of the city. The crux of this plot is that providing innovation to the many denizens of Tristia allows for the facilitation of your own advancements.

It follows the classic cycle of buying a new tool to produce more to buy better tools, etc.

But despite this, Tristia of the Deep-Blue Sea has proven to be one of Kogado Studio’s most successful launches. It’s been SO successful that there’s been a bunch of multimedia releases ever since. 2012 had even seen its rerelease onto the PSP platform (after being made available for PS2 users back in 2005)!

However, with this new teaser website, although no association has been specifically stated, I think it’s safe to assume its connection to the original Tristia of the Deep-Blue Sea. The website itself is practically themed around an ocean – half of the text is wavy, and no one can tell me otherwise that the background isn’t Kogado Studio’s depiction of a ‘Deep-Blue Sea’!

“Restore on Sep.15, 2022.” Is listed on the website, so we can certainly expect a bit more news when that date rolls over, but for now, whether it’s a planned rerelease, remake, or sequel of sorts will have to be left up for speculation.

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