Interdimensional holiday-themed Slaycation Paradise to launch on August 18

This will be a holiday you won't soon forget.

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Affordable Acquisition, a first-time game development studio, has been working on a brand-new twin-stick tower defence title under the name of ‘Slaycation Paradise’, and now it has a release date.

Although there is very little meaningful documentation on Affordable Acquisition across the internet, it seems as though the company has convinced publisher, Merge Games, of a big-release treatment; while the game will be digitally available on August 18 for the PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC (via Steam), there are also plans for physical copies to be released a bit later for PlayStation platforms and the Switch on September 23 – very fancy!

The Steam page is already live, and there is a free-to-play demo available to download now, so there shouldn’t be any unpleasant surprises when the release date arrives.

The game is set sometime in the future, where a vacation to Patagonia and the Andes just doesn’t cut it anymore. Instead, a corporation offers warp travellers the ability to enter alternate-reality apocalyptic environments to purposefully seek out the experience of blood-hungry monsters intent on viciously murdering you and your family! But, of course, the tourism corporation leaves you far from undefended, arming you with a vast array of handheld armaments – ranging from pump shotguns to flamethrowers and magic wands – as well as ‘Construction Assembly Turrets’, or C.A.T. kits for short.

This is all the bread and butter of modern tower defence titles, but what sets Slaycation Paradise apart is the added depth available to the player. There’s a personal perks system to increase both combat and non-combat stats, and the ability to loot static crates within your surroundings, promoting an incentive for players to explore their environments. And of course, as vast as the catalogue of environments and weapons are, so is the range of enemies. You’ll be facing overwhelming hordes of slippery little zombies, as well as much stronger “kaiju-sized monsters”, essentially forbidding you from simply smashing through waves of enemies with a copy-and-paste defence layout and forcing you to think about the turrets you’re placing down.

This one looks like it could be fun!


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