Does coffee brewing and anime girls sound good to you? Of course it does!

I want cute anime girls to make my coffee.

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This might just be one of the best-discovered theme combinations for a reverse tower defence RPG we’ve ever seen! Now that we know that Affogato is on the way, you can be sure we’ll be following this one closely.

Published by Spiral Up Games and developed by Befun Studio, Affogato is the first-time release for these folk, located in Singapore. While there isn’t any historic data for us to gauge the quality of this release, we have been given a lot of information in today’s disclosed trailer and description, located on its Steam page.

It’s a bit of a hybrid mixture, with the brunt of its gameplay elements seemingly focused on reverse tower defence mechanics, with the addition of card-game mechanics, requiring the player to understand ability costs, effects, map routes, and more. The plot behind the game is as follows: You, a new-arrival sorceress, must use your arcane skills and charismatic nature to meet some new friends and customers for your newly opened coffee shop. Then, with your special sorceress magic, you can travel into their minds to reveal even their deepest and private secrets! In addition to all of this, you’ve also got the original responsibility of stopping your coffee shop from going under by practising your professional barista skills and techniques. The business waits for no one!

Beyond this, there’s been an outline of the importance of creating meaningful relationships with “10,000 words of unique storylines” between the six NPCs that you can talk to. You’re given the option to manage your schedule accordingly to fit whatever goals you want to accomplish. Focus on accruing profits or becoming friends with every customer or creating the best card deck you possibly can, the choice is yours! Oh, and apparently different flavours and blends that you can choose from will even have a real effect on storyline dialogue.

No definite release date has been given, besides ‘2023’, but we have been given the release date of a demo, available on Steam from July 29.

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