Podcast-in-Video: NFTs in video games absolutely suck

NFTs are the worst.

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Square Enix made us sad with NFTs

We recorded this podcast just before Square Enix announced it was selling Tomb Raider and other critical properties in order to finance (among other things) blockchain and NFT projects. This makes this podcast chat that we have about how NFTs are absolutely horrible for this industry, be that gamer or business, and the only people that will win are the executives at the top in their suits made of gold.

NFTs are the absolute worst thing to ever happen to games and yet, as we discuss here, it’s also inevitable that the industry will win and we’ll all be stuck with NFTs forever more.

That’s why the footage for this podcast video is all N64 games. You can join us in remembering what video games were like before the industry business nonsense ruined them.

Matt S. is the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of DDNet. He's been writing about games for over 20 years, including a book, but is perhaps best-known for being the high priest of the Church of Hatsune Miku.

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