River City Saga Three Kingdoms looks incredible

River City Saga Three Kingdoms is a thing I never knew I wanted, but I do

I hope Lady Sun's playable and as fierce as ever.

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River City Saga is one of the more enduring “Double Dragon”-like brawler properties, and while that genre has had its peaks and troughs, it is enjoying a renaissance right now. River City Saga is back for some more with a Three Kingdoms edition that looks amazing.

Yes, we are talking about the Romance of the Three Kingdoms here, and the game promises to be a “funny, action-packed take of famous historical events, from the Yellow Turban Rebellion right through to the Battle of Red Cliffs.”

There will be ten stages to play through, and you’ll be taking control of various heroes, like Guan Yu, Zhang He, Liu Bei, Zhang Fui and others to go brawling about the world. Basically, if you’ve played a Dynasty Warriors game, you’ll recognise the names and events in this one, though you certainly haven’t ever seen them presented this way before!

Naturally, multiplayer will be a big feature, and you’ll be able to team up with three friends in local and online play. Turning on friendly fire is an option, and you can expect that will turn “co-op” into something vastly more amusing.

The game will be getting a release on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC on July 21. You’ll need to import from Japan if you want a physical copy, though, as it will be digital-only out west.

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