Tokyo Game Show is back with a physical event! I’m so happy I could cry

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News by Matt S.

After two years where COVID-19 forced the event to go digital-only, Tokyo Game Show is once again holding a physical event in 2022. It will be held from September 15 to 18, and it’s going to be so good finally being able to get feet on the ground again.

Until COVID-19, I had attended every TGS for nearly a decade, and it had become a critical event for DDNet. We don’t often get face-to-face time with Japanese developers, producers and artists, so being able to actually sit in a room and chat with key names resulted in all kinds of excellent information on upcoming titles. The shift to online delivery took a lot of that away from international outlets such as this one, and not only did the site’s traffic suffer, but we weren’t able to produce the same in-depth and interesting interviews that help you learn more about the exciting, upcoming games. That all changes again this year.

There will still be limitations in terms of how many people can attend (particularly on the two days that are open to the public, rather than just the industry). However, the booths, merchandise, interviews and events will all be back. Smaller crowds will be a blessing for all of that, frankly.

TGS hasn’t announced too much about the event just yet (there will be plenty more to come in the months ahead, of course). For now, all we know is that the overarching theme will be one of resilience. “Nothing Stops Gaming,” the press statement announced. “Games will continue to brighten up the days of everybody now and forever―this year’s theme implies such strong determination.”

Indeed. Games are one of the few things that kept us all sane over the last few years. It will be good to celebrate that again at TGS (assuming, of course, Japan opens its borders again in time).

– Matt S.

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