The February 2022 issue of the Dee Dee Zine is OUT NOW!

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The Dee Dee Zine is a magazine for people who love games, music, film and art from Asia and independent artists. Every month we produce a magazine filled with essays and culture, written by people with a genuine love for the little niche that we occupy.

In the February 2022 magazine:

– Sengoku history! A feature on Nohime (Lady No), her marriage to Nobunaga Oda, her role in those years, and the way she is depicted by the media.
– On love and games. How games handle romance (and how they typically get it wrong).
– High&Low. The Japanese big action gang brawler cinema spectacle is more than you might think.
– Getting into Japanese music. CD and group recommendations for those looking to learn more.
– Much more!

In addition, there are comics, crosswords, nonograms (yes! Picross!), stories and so much more, jam-packed into the magazine.

Don’t forget, if you would like to subscribe to the magazine, you can support us on Patreon here. Patreon backers get the magazine delivered to their inbox every month, and at any pledge (so you can be a subscriber from as little as $1/month!)

Don’t do Patreon? Buy from our new publications store page!

If you’d rather purchase a single issue of the magazine, and don’t want to support Patreon, the good news is that we’ve launched a Web store that will house all of our magazines for individual sale. The store uses PayPal to process payments, so it’s simple, secure, and easy to use. Each magazine comes as a pdf, which you can print, drop on your tablet, or read however you might like to.

You can visit the store here! Currently, the last three issues of the magazine are there, but we’ll be adding the full catalogue in the coming days.

To celebrate the launch of the store, for the next week you can enter LAUNCHDISCOUNT in the shopping cart to have 25% off all magazines!

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