Here’s the September issue of the Dee Dee Zine covers!

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Time sure does sail on by when you’re having fun!

The September issue of the Dee Dee Zine isn’t all that far away now (it will be released on September 19), and so it’s time to share the covers of the magazine issue. As always, you’ll have 48 pages of in-depth features about all things to do with Japanese art and culture to look forward to (including games, of course).

For this month’s magazine, we’ve got two all-new artists contributing beach-themed art. See, it’s just starting to warm up here in Australia, and so, even with the ongoing ravages of COVID-19, we can’t help but look forward to the summer, and all the beachy fun it brings.

Naturally, there will be more details about the magazine to come, but in the meantime, enjoy these covers!

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