EastAsiaSoft has fourteen new games on the way

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News by Matt S.

Niche publisher, EastAsiaSoft, has become one of the most prolific out there. Specialising in bringing games from PC to console (often quite fanservicey games), the publisher can’t seem to go a week without having a new release to trumpet. Overnight (for us Aussies), the team shared a showcase of what it has coming up, and it’s a pile of no fewer than 14 titles.

The “End of Summer Showcase” highlights everything from an intriguing visual novel (Crimson Spires), to the western release of Xuan Yuan Sword 7 (also known as “Sword and Fairy), a pixel art Metroidvania, and plenty of pretty girl poker and Mahjong titles courtesy of developer, Zoo.

Enjoy the showcase – we’re certainly looking forward to getting out hands on a lot of these.

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