Nintendo’s going hardcore niche for the next Switch Online update

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News by Matt S.

I love seeing this. There’s a meltdown from the “fans” every time Nintendo announces a new update to the Nintendo Switch Online service, because they want Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger and other games they’ve already played a million times before to be added to the library, but instead, Nintendo gives us games I’ve never even heard of.

I prefer that. As far as subscriptions go, their best value is when they help us discover new games. This month’s Nintendo Switch Online has gone really hardcore with the niche games, and I can’t wait to test these out.

There are three new games to look forward to next week: Claymates, Jelly Boy and Bombuzal. The trailer makes them all look interesting enough for a play! And if you’re disappointed that it’s not Final Fantasy VI, you can always break out one of the many other versions of Final Fantasy VI that you already own.

– Matt S.
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