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Howdy folks! We’re thrilled to share the front and back cover art for next month’s Dee Dee Zine, and give you a sneak peak of what to expect from the issue.

You may remember that we launched the Dee Dee Zine last month as a Patreon backers-only “bonus,” in addition to the 15+ articles, 5+ videos and streams, podcast, newsletter service, and so on. This is a 48-page magazine, filled with game analysis, culture, art, history, and more, with a strong focus on Japanese aesthetics and stories. We cover a lot in 48 pages, and we think we’re on to a pretty special thing here.

Today we’re happy to share the front and back pages (back page art contributed by Gabbu Ojiisan on Twitter), as a first sample from the magazine.

The second magazine will have so much to look forward to! Features include:

– The top 10 games of 2021 to date
– The Tokaido road and its influence on Japanese aesthetics and games
– A PlayStation 2 classic from Capcom that really deserves a revival
– A deep dive with a hidden gem on Nintendo Switch
– Japanese gin, anime, and book reviews!
– Retro reflections
– Developer insights
– So much more!

Remember, anyone who backs us on Patreon, for even $1/month, gets access to the Dee Dee Zine. It’s the cheapest magazine subscription you’ll ever come across!

– Matt S. 

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