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Friday, May 28, 2021

Today we unveil the cover for the June edition of the Dee Dee Zine!

News by Matt S.

Howdy folks! We're thrilled to share the front and back cover art for next month's Dee Dee Zine, and give you a sneak peak of what to expect from the issue.

You may remember that we launched the Dee Dee Zine last month as a Patreon backers-only "bonus," in addition to the 15+ articles, 5+ videos and streams, podcast, newsletter service, and so on. This is a 48-page magazine, filled with game analysis, culture, art, history, and more, with a strong focus on Japanese aesthetics and stories. We cover a lot in 48 pages, and we think we're on to a pretty special thing here.

Today we're happy to share the front and back pages (back page art contributed by Gabbu Ojiisan on Twitter), as a first sample from the magazine.

The second magazine will have so much to look forward to! Features include:

- The top 10 games of 2021 to date
- The Tokaido road and its influence on Japanese aesthetics and games
- A PlayStation 2 classic from Capcom that really deserves a revival
- A deep dive with a hidden gem on Nintendo Switch
- Japanese gin, anime, and book reviews!
- Retro reflections
- Developer insights
- So much more!

Remember, anyone who backs us on Patreon, for even $1/month, gets access to the Dee Dee Zine. It's the cheapest magazine subscription you'll ever come across!

- Matt S. 
Find me on Twitter: @mattsainsb

Today we unveil the cover for the June edition of the Dee Dee Zine!
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