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I am super excited to say that the May 2021 edition of the Dee Dee Zine is now available! It has 48 pages of commentary, thoughts, and essays on games, literature, toys, art, history and culture, with a focus on Japan (of course).

Features this month include (but are by no means limited to… it really is a full-length, 48-page magazine):

– The ten best JRPGs for the Nintendo Switch
– Essays on Shantae, Death Mark, Project Zero, modern Game Boy games, and Dead or Alive
– Historical features looking at Yasuke, the “Black Samurai”, and a key location on the Tokaido road
– Anime and book reviews

– Our picks for the games of next month
– New premium anime figures to look out for
– Beer of the month
– And plenty more!

To get access to the magazine (we provide both a Web link, so you can read it with some gorgeous page-turning animations for the full magazine experience, and a printable .pdf for those that would rather keep a downloaded copy), all you need to do is support us on Patreon. 
You can do so for just $1/month – there’s no special “tier” of backer to gain access to the magazine. By backing us on Patreon, you are supporting the 15+ articles per week, almost daily videos and streams, monthly podcast, as well as, now, this magazine. That’s not bad value for a “subscription” of $1/month (and of course you can support us for more than that if you are feeling generous!)

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this magazine. As a journalist with a print background, I have, for a very long time, wanted to do something to contribute to “print” magazines, and, thanks to the generous support we get on Patreon, I’ve now been able to do that. I hope you all love it.

– Matt S. 

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