Enjoy the first key art CG for the next Dee Dee VN: A Week on the Water

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Over the last couple of months, we’ve been drip-feeding bits of information regarding the next Dee Dee visual novel: A Week on the Water. We’re working with new artists and creatives for this one, so it’s taking longer to pull together, but then it’s also going to be a much more lavish and large-scale production, and I think you’re going to love what we deliver with it.

Core to any VN are the CGs, or key arts, or whatever you want to call them. A Week on the Water will have around 8-10 of these all up, and while I’m going to hold them close to my chest as something to look forward to in the game (and hey, you need to have a reason to play it, right?), this week I do want to share one with you to give you a sense of what to expect. It’s of Dee Dee putting on a performance in a costume that will certainly be familiar to anyone with experience with films of the 80’s.

As you can see, we’re aiming to be as lavish as possible within our resources to make this a genuinely special visual novel for people who have been supporting us all this time. To remind you quickly about A Week on the Water and what to expect from it: while other Dee Dee visual novels have pitched for some pretty dark themes at times, this one is going to be a celebration of 80’s films, and offer plenty of humour. In the game we’re asking the question: what happens if you win yourself a holiday on a luxury, $1 million/week yacht, only for the weather to have other ideas about what fun & games you’ll be able to get up to?

Stay tuned for more information as we continue to get closer to release! We’re still eying off a 2021 release for A Week on the Water, but we’re not rushing anything about this one through.

– Matt S.
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