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Hello, Dee Dee visual novel fans! I’ve got some exciting news to share – at the end of the week we will have the proper announcement press release for A Week on the Water go out, and you’ll get the full first details of the game then. In the meantime, however, I’ve got a tasty tidbit to share; the first in-game screenshot. You’ve seen some of the character designs already. Now you’re going to get your first look of what they look like in action.

Nothing quite like a rain-storm to ruin a day on a luxury yacht boring… what do you even do when sunbaking is off the agenda? It’s hard questions like this that A Week on the Water will answer (also note the rain? For the first time a Dee Dee VN has weather effects!).

But seriously, we’ve got so much exciting information to share about this game in the coming weeks and months. We are taking a little longer to work on it, because the new art does take a while to produce, but it’s going to be worth the wait, we feel, and we really do have a full schedule of interesting things to share about the game. Stay tuned!

Oh, and this is your first look at the new-look Nettie, too!

– Matt S. 
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