Trails of Cold Steel 1 & 2 do have a Switch port coming…

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News by Matt S. 

… Just not one in English yet.

There’s a big “problem” with the Trails of Cold Steel series, in that they absolutely have to be played in order. Each is a direct continuation of the narrative of the one the came before, so if you haven’t played Trails of Cold Steel 1 and 2, then jumping in at 3 or 4 is going to be a confusing mess.

Which brings us to the Nintendo Switch, which does have Trails of Cold Steel 3 and will be getting the fourth title, but not the original two, which in many ways does defeat the point of this series being there at all.

Apparently Clouded Leopard Entertainment, a Japanese publisher saw an opportunity there and is bringing the first two to Switch, with Chinese, Korean and Japanese language support. Unfortunately, there’s no English version in the works as yet, and who knows how licensing would even work here, with XSEED having the rights two the first two… but NISA having since taken over and, one would presume, has the rights going forward.

Still, hopefully, something can be worked out, because it would be awesome to have all four of the Trails of Cold Steel games on the one portable console. 

And yes I’m not going to lie, a bit part of the reason I wrote this story is for an excuse to have an Alisa header image.

– Matt S. 
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