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Visual novels and pretty girls go together… well, very often. Except in the otome games. Then it’s pretty boys. But either way, everyone is always pretty. You’d think we’d be bored of games with pretty people in them given how many there are but, nope. It’s a staple for a reason. Case-in-point: Fantasy Tavern Sextet is a three-volume series of them, with the first lands on Nintendo Switch on November 5, and I do indeed want to play them.

The “sextet” in the title refers to the fact that there are six different women that you can woo and romance, though if I were a betting man I’d also bet on the “sex” in the first part of the word being part of the wordplay. I mean, here’s the game’s own description: “You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! Set against the backdrop of a fantasy world’s tavern, this slightly naughty, slapstick love-harem drama is about to begin!” So you know what kind of game you’ll be getting out of this one.

Volume 1 releases on November 5 worldwide, with English, Japanese and Chinese language support. The other two volumes don’t have a release date yet.

As much as I joke here, the art really is lovely, so I’m sure it’ll be great at delivering exactly what it wants to. And there’s a girl with long, blonde twintails, so I’m already quite investest in what I’m sure will be a true work of art.

– Matt S. 
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