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Article by Matt S.

We’re now into our second week of streaming at DDNet, and I sincerely hope that across the four streaming sessions that we’ve got something scheduled at the moment there’s something there for you to enjoy… and perhaps even join in to watch live with us. We are, after all, looking at some of our favourite things in video games – JRPGs, fan service, retro, and strategy, and that covers a pretty broad range. If you missed any of last week’s streams, here’s the summary for you to catch up before we move into the new week!
Last week we continued our Mongol campaign in Civilization VI – this time conquering the Spanish nation in its entirety (Madrid is now a Mongol colony). We also continued our run through Blue Reflection, the most beautiful of JRPGs that you’ll come across. We gave School Girl/Zombie Hunter a spin, because it’s a delight in the way it captures the spirit and energy of B-grade sexploitation/horror, and we started a run through of Dragon Quest Monsters for our retro streams.

All streams below, and for your convenience at the bottom is the schedule for next week, including times, if you want to be around to jump on and chat with us as we play.

Gettin’ Retro: Dragon Quest Monsters

DDNet After Dark: School Girl/Zombie Hunter

JRPG Saturday: Blue Reflection

Anything Goes Sunday: Civilization VI

Our next stream will be on Tuesday night (Australian time), and we’ll either be continuing on with Dragon Quest Monsters, or possibly looking at something a little different with Gettin’ Retro. Thanks as always for tuning in!

– Matt S. 
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