Release date and more details for My Time With Dee Dee, Vol. 1!

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Article by Matt S.

While I’ve been traveling in Japan for Tokyo Game Show, plus some holiday time, I’ve still found plenty of time to make progress on the first “full” My Time With Dee Dee visual novel. We’re getting very close to release now!

At this stage, we’re aiming for a November 10 release, as we put the final details into the game. While it’s not going to be a 30-hour epic like Yu-No (need to work up to something like that ;-)), this one will be a proper, full and complete VN, featuring:

– Four complete and distinct narrative arcs, each with a very different ending
– Ten different environments
– Six pieces of key art
– Dee Dee is voiced, with close to 1,000 words of spoken dialogue
– A nine-track soundtrack
– A bonus “lecture” on the Erotic Thriller genre, which is the basis of this visual novel’s narrative

All together, you’re looking at between two and three hours worth of visual novel action, depending, of course, on how fast you read, and how much time you spend admiring the gorgeous art featuring Dee Dee!

Through the development of this visual novel, it’s been a fascinating learning experience. It’s incredibly difficult to build out sustained storytelling experiences with a single character. Of course, I just haven’t had the budget to work with more than one character to this point.

But with this one nearly finished, I am ready to drop some hints about the next steps for this VN series moving forward too! It’s a big news drop today!

The next VN will be another small “intro” one, like Dee Dee Vol. 0 was. I will produce that through November and December, hopefully aiming at a Christmas release as a bonus “present” for backers. It will introduce a second character into the Dee Dee “universe”, and from there, work on Volume 2 will start in full, with yet further expanded scope, as I continue to build on what has been done previously. 

I hope you enjoy these next steps for this VN series! It was always something that I wants to build on “live”, and with each new VN I’m going to have new art, new music, new characters, and more to use. And, of course, Patreons get codes to redeem all of these games for nothing, as thanks for the ongoing support of DDNet and all the writing, videos, podcasts, and more that we do.

I’m super keen to hear your thoughts. If there’s anything you’d ever like to see us do with Dee Dee and the VNs, just let me know. I can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to accommodate every request, but we’ll give it a red-hot go.

And do let me know what you think from what you’ve seen of the VN so far! I’m very excited to get it into your hands. Just remember: you’ll need to back me on Patreon over the coming month in order to get the download code for My Time With Dee Dee, Volume 1. If you’d rather purchase it directly off, it will be available for $8.

– Matt S. 
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