This Week’s Switch Port Announcements: Friday, 7 September 2018

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Warlock of Firetop Mountain Switch

News by Matt C.

Every week, there are approximately 2394875629384756 announcements for Switch ports of previously-released games. That’s great news for Switch owners, bad news for our wallets, and awful news for Lindsay, DDNet’s news editor.

In an effort to cover the flood of announcements without cluttering the site or driving Lindsay mad, here’s a quick and dirty list of all the new Switch port announcements and release dates from this week:

  • Slice, Dice & Rice (available now)
  • Surgeon Simulator CPR (available now)
  • Broforce (available now)
  • The Warlock of Firetop Mountain: Goblin Scourge Edition (13 September 2018)
  • Spectrum Retreat (13 September 2018)
  • Spider Solitaire F (13 September 2018)
  • Siegecraft Commander (19 September 2018)
  • Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams Owltimate Edition (25 September 2018)
  • Valkyria Chronicles (16 October 2018)
  • LEGO Harry Potter: Collection (2 November 2018)
  • >observer_ (“coming soon”)
Switch fighting game
Slice, Dice & Rice
There are some fantastic things to look forward to among that lot. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain is an excellent adaptation of a gamebook from the ’80s, and the Switch release includes all DLC. Valkyria Chronicles is one of the best turn-based tactics games you’ll ever play, and there’s a discount for people who’ve bought Valkyria Chronicles 4 through the eshop as well. Slice, Dice & Rice is one DDNet editor-in-chief Matt Sainsbury’s favourite fighting games, at least if his Twitter is to be trusted.

(Important note: we’re not including announcements of Switch as a platform for upcoming games, which would usually get their own news coverage anyway. This is list is purely for announcements of Switch ports / re-releases and the like.)

– Matt C.
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