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We’ve got some more details about Kadokawa Games’ upcoming LoveR, a love simulation game from the same creator as Photo Kano. It actually seems to be a lot like Photo Kano, where you’ll be spending much of your time getting to know one of six different girls, becoming friends with them, taking photos of them, and then, finally, scoring the all-important date.

The photo sessions are a reflection of the protagonist’s love of photography, and represent an opportunity to deepen the relationships with his friends. Unlike previous photo games, like Photo Kano, in this one you can get way artsy, with depth of field effects and the like which will result in better looking photos.

It’s the character designer (Taro Mino), and art director (Quin), that really makes LoveR stand out. It’s stunningly beautiful. It’s unlikely to get an English release, given Photo Kano before it did not, but you never know, perhaps there will be an English release to the Asian market that will allow importers to jump on.

The game is apparently 60 per cent complete.

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