European Conqueror X announced for Nintendo Switch

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For fans of large-scale strategy games, there aren’t too many choices available on the Nintendo Switch, however, there is World Conqueror X, and it’s a more-than-decent take on recreating the strategic conditions and battles of World War 2. It also seems to have sold well enough that the developer, EasyTech, and publisher, Circle Entertainment, are back for more. Enter European Conqueror X.

Rather than being set in World War 2, this one takes place across the late 18th- and early 19th- century. And rather than battling across most of the planet, it’s focused exclusively on the wars in Europe of the time. For people who are in tune with history, that means that European Conqueror is a look at the time of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Which is great, because from a military strategy point of view, it doesn’t get more historically interesting than Napoleon Bonaparte.

There will be three different ways to play – Campaign (follow historical battles and campaigns from the era), Conquest (choose a nation and try to conquer all of Europe), and Challenges (set scenarios where your mastery of the games mechanics will be tested).

That’s basically all we know at this stage, though there will be more details in the months ahead, and the game has been confirmed for a 2018 release.

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