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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Spending time with my (new) Super Game Boy

Retro reflections by Matt S.

A couple of years ago my brother gave me the ultimate retro Christmas present: a Super Nintendo. To make a long story brief, back in my youth my brothers and I did the crazy thing of trading in our Super Nintendo and a dozen or more games to get a new Nintendo 64 and Hexen. We didn’t play games as much for the first six months after doing that, while we started to accumulate games again…

Anyway, point being that for years I was pining after my lost Super Nintendo. What a console it still is. Since my brother’s amazing gift I’ve been rebuilding a small library of SNES games, and I love being able to switch between that console and the newer ones that I have sitting under my TV.

The second part of this little story involves my annual trips to Japan. Each year when I go back I make a trip to a couple of used game shops (yes, including the infamous – but not the best – Super Potato), and pick up a handful of Game Boy games. I love the Game Boy with a passion – that nostalgic grey aesthetic takes me right back to my childhood, and the ridiculous simplicity of those games I now find to be quaint and charming; a nice foil to the often overcomplicated games of today.

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Spending time with my (new) Super Game Boy
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