Libra of the Vampire Princess gets an English release, collector’s edition

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Its Kickstarter was a success, so developer XERO and publisher MiKandi Japan have opened up preorders of Libra of the Vampire Princess in English. The crowdfunding campaign was actually so successful that it hit three if its stretch goals!

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The game’s storefront offers most of the options that were available for Kickstarter backers, with an estimated ship date of late November 2016 — at least that’s not too far away, although it will clash with Final Fantasy XV’s new release date. Players can pre-order the visual novel’s digital or physical copies, as well as a combination of both. There is also a collector’s box set available (see below) that includes a collector’s box, the physical version of the game, a physical copy of the soundtrack, and an art book.

There is also some other really nifty items available, all being discounted until Libra of the Vampire Princess is actually released later this year. Who doesn’t yearn for otaku pillow covers (there is even a double-sided “intimate”version”), a wearable blanket, acrylic figures, and 3D mouse pads (I doubt I need to specify which part is 3D) featuring some of the best visual novel artwork I’ve seen in ages?

Libra of the Vampire Princess is about Shuma Kusanagi, a teenage boy who gets abducted by Iris. She reveals to him that his is part vampire through his ancestry and tries to make him become more of a vampire — but he ends up only partially turning, which leads to an urge to suck the blood of all the girls in his life. Each storyline puts Shuma with a different girl. The story is serious but the girls promise to be upbeat, creating a balanced game.

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