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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

E3 and Sony; why I was both wowed and disappointed this year

Opinion by Matt S.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Sony’s E3 show was the most impressive this year. It wasn’t just for the quality of the games that it had to show off. It was the the sheer quantity as well.

Where the other businesses putting on shows padded out the presentation with skits, celebrity appearances and humour, Sony’s executives couldn’t get off the stage quick enough in the nearly 90-minute presentation. Where the other publishers had concept trailers and gameplay, showing us the kind of experience that the were hoping to deliver in the end, Sony’s stuff was almost wall-to-wall of pure gameplay. It was impressive to see just how much raw effort and money Sony was throwing at its console and games. It’s really no wonder that the console has had such a leadership position this generation.

And yet, as I was watching, I could not help but be slightly disappointed by it all. It wasn’t that I was not looking forward to the games, because I really am; Detroit is from David Cage and I love that man’s work. Resident Evil VII finally has me interested in Resident Evil again. Kojima’s teaser had me spellbound, and we finally got a release date for The Last Guardian, and it’s this year, to boot. The VR stuff looks interesting, and I loved the setting Sony used; a console hall with a live orchestra is such a purely classy way of doing things that I was sold on Sony’s vision for its games from the outset.

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E3 and Sony; why I was both wowed and disappointed this year
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