Photo Gallery: The Digitally Downloaded staff, Miitomo style!

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Photo gallery by Lindsay M.

It has been a couple of weeks since Miitomo hit the scene, and my early and completely biased opinion is that it is awesome. Of course, the mobile app isn’t without its issues: my biggest annoyance to date is that you can only add friends you are connected to on social media. Despite this unavoidable flaw, I will recommend the app to anyone that will listen. But consider yourselves warned: if you’re not careful, it is easy to waste hours a day listening to your friends answers and talking about your own opinions.

Outside of the social aspect of Miitomo, what truly shines are the Mii customisation options. Show yourself off by dressing up like a hot pink ninja or a pea pod. And of course, after playing dress-up comes dozens of hilarious photos showcasing different poses and backgrounds. The staff here at Digitally Downloaded appears to be as in love with Miitomo as I am, with the photos piling up from several of us letting our Mii flag fly. Check out a handful of our favourites here, and feel free to share your own in the comments or on our Facebook page!

Arrrr matey! Brad L. is very comfortable in his Mii’s skin, showing off most of it while decked out in a pirate hat.

Dylan C. makes a classic pose look new again thanks to his swanky denim shirt and beanie. He is henceforth declared a Canadian at heart!

Now you see me, now you don’t! Lindsay M. blends into her surroundings with a fragrant ensemble.

Breaking news: Miitomo is awesome! Digitally Downloaded’s editor-in-chief Matt S. sports a very journalistic fedora while manning the news desk.

– Lindsay M.
News Editor

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