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I adore all the Dynasty Warriors news coming out lately. Last month, Koei Tecmo announced that it would be making a live-action film based on the famed series. Now it’s come to light that this week’s Famitsu will feature the next Dynasty Warriors game.

Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden is due out in Japan sometime this year, exclusively for PlayStation Vita. The simulation game introduces a new strategic element to the series by allowing players to control a military commander unit. When opponents are selected, Warriors-styles action sequences will commence — this puts the weapon directly in the player’s hand.

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The game is set in an alternate universe. Aside from the new strategic element being introduced in Dynasty Warriors: Eiketsuden, there will also be other new features (and a brand-new story). Resonance lets you continuously move commanders to wipe out enemies. Players will gain the ability to skip cinematic sequences (boo!).

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