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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

New videos show off the New Xbox One Experience

I really wish Microsoft called the upcoming Xbox update something better than “New Xbox One Experience,” because then I wouldn’t feel so silly writing about it. Still, the label certainly boils it down: on November 12, Xbox One owners will be able to update their consoles to have a new interface. To show off the console’s new look, Xbox has released two videos discussing some of the upcoming changes.

The first video takes a look at the new Home tab.

The obvious difference between the new and old Home tab is that the new one scrolls down instead of sideways. At the top is what you’ve most currently played. Below that is a list of your other four recently used games and apps. At the bottom is your pins (this concerned me at first because I’m pin-obsessed, but then the video revealed that pulling the right trigger scrolls right to the pins so all was made right). The pin section automatically includes a shortcut to your games and apps.

The second video is discusses a feature on the Xbox 360 that was originally left behind with Xbox One: the Guide.

The Guide’s purpose is to give you quick in-game access to what you might need, such as notifications and settings. It can be accessed by scrolling left from the Home screen or by double-tapping the controller’s Xbox logo while in game. The guide also allows you to snap an app (I like to keep achievements handy). The video claims the Guide makes actions “up to 50% faster” – anyone with an Xbox One knows how ridiculously laggy it currently is when you’re trying to take a screenshot or snap an app.

Also coming with the update on November 12 is backwards compatibility for select 360 games, with more titles being added consistently.

- Lindsay M.
News Editor

New videos show off the New Xbox One Experience
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