Super Mario Maker goes platinum

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And thus it came to pass that on September 30th in the year of our Lord 2015, the Wii U proudly acquired its 11th known million seller. Earlier today, Nintendo’s Twitter accounts shared some interesting numbers with us concerning Super Mario Maker. According to the developer and publisher, Mario Maker has sold an estimated one million units worldwide, with 2.2 million courses created by users, which have been played about 75 million times.

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While not necessarily impressive numbers when it comes to the Mario franchise, it is nonetheless a very respectable achievement on the sadly underperforming (to put it mildly) Wii U. Many of us were apprehensive when the game was announced at E3 2014 — Nintendo having a certain reputation amongst fans of being restrictive at times — but fans slowly warmed up to it, and Mario Maker eventually released to critical and gamer acclaim.

If you have been enjoying Mario Maker and have made some cool levels, be sure to share your codes in the comments!

– Eduardo R.

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