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If Runic Games sounds familiar, it’s for a very good reason: it is the studio that brought the world the much-celebrated Torchlight and it’s sequel, Torchlight II. Whereas the developer’s previous two games were dialog-heavy RPGs much in the same vein as Diablo (in fact, several of Runic’s staff worked on the original two Diablo games), Hob is the complete opposite.

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Hob is a suspenseful adventure game set in a striking world where nature and machinery collides. The game has absolutely no text or dialogue. Just to reiterate: absolutely zero text or dialogue will appear at any time while playing Hob. The narrative occurs as the player explores and interacts with the planet and its inhabitants. The planet itself is breathtaking, and as it is unearthed (excuse the pun) it is discovered that it is in peril.

As of now there is no release date or console specifics available, but we promise to pass them along as soon as they are! Hob is something we don’t want to miss.

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