The Sunday screenshot gallery; May 17

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Sharing screenshots is fun. In fact, the screenshot feature is in many ways the best feature that has been added in to this generation of consoles. It’s fun to share gameplay experiences, amusing anecdotes from the games, a indulge a little of the inner photographer in us.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to start doing a screenshot gallery each week, where we pull ten of our favourite shots from games we’ve played. This is something we’d love for everyone in the community to participate in! If you’ve got favourite screenshots of your own, simply shoot them over to, and we’ll get them up in the gallery the next week!

Without further ado, the first gallery!

Tread lightly before I’ve had my morning coffee… Pierre-Yves L (The Last Tinker)

Don’t ya just hate when this happens? Wasn’t even a home run to show for it 🙁 – Matt S. (MLB 15: The Show)

This is the foundation of all good strategies. – Matt S. (Samurai Warriors 4)

Yeah, not having a good time here. – Matt S. (Dragon Age: Inquisition)

Hitomi has horrible taste in men. – Matt S. (Dead or Alive 5: Last Round)

Ever since Stand By Me every movie about teenage angst has to have a rail track scene. – Matt S. (Life is Strange)

Prettiest Assassin’s Creed game ever. – Matt S. (Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: China)

If you ever go to Akihabara in Japan, do not go into this store. It really does exist, and what you’ll see in there can never be unseen. – Matt S. (Akiba’s Trip)

New film idea: The Medic Vita-Saw Massacre. – Hamza A. (Team Fortress 2)

I think I now understand why schools don’t have reflective floors in the real world. – Matt S. (Final Fantasy Type-0 HD)

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