Trailer: Explore, synth-blast enemies, and struggle to maintain humanity in Pixel Worm’s flagship title, EMILY

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EMILY is no common teenager; injected with an experimental formula loaded with nano-bots meant to counteract the vicious virus in her blood, her body was rendered mechanical, transforming her arm into a pulse-firing synth-blaster. Now, to find her father and reclaim her memories, she must explore a deteriorating future in Pixel Worm’s 2-D hand animated homage to Metroidvania-style platformers

With an estimated release date of Fall 2015 for PC, EMILY will see you disassembling hordes of foes with electro magnetic pulses from the aforementioned synth-blaster, upgrading her weapons and abilities so as to further embarrass said foes with greater fire-power and reach areas that were priorly inaccessible, and exploring the charm out of a secretive post-apocalyptic environment and its characters, who were professionally hand-drawn and animated by veteran illustrators, such as Mark Ferrari, whose talents can be admired in one of his previous works, The Secret of Monkey Island.

This trailer offers a story synopsis as well as the manner in which the bright, emotional characters contrast with their dismal setting:


 Here’s a more detailed look at EMILY’s plot and features, thanks to our friends at Pixel Worm:

“In the year 2160, overpopulation has ravaged the planet. Despite a vicious pandemic now massacring millions, shadow-government, LibertyCorp has halted all research for a cure, with basic human rights such as healthcare reserved only for the elite. Amidst the chaos, Emily’s father, a prominent medical researcher, pioneered an untested nanobot-based formula believed to be the solution to the outbreak. Not one to be defied, LibertyCorp immediately retaliated, infecting Emily with the deadly Adenovirus. But before his imprisonment, Emily’s father attempted to save his daughter with his untested concoction. Without a chance to react the nanobots malfunctioned, transmogrifying her body into a metallic, mechanical substance. Now alone and without memory, Emily must delve into the unknown to remember her past and save her father…”

EMILY Key Features:

·         Engaging 2D combat: Blast through an onslaught of diverse enemies while exploring huge labyrinthine levels

·         Upgradable abilities: Discover new weapons that will help Emily progress and overcome larger-than-life boss battles

·         Open exploration: Freely explore an interconnected post-apocalyptic world full of dark secrets, alternate quests, and memorable characters, all “Metroidvania” style

·         Compelling storyline: Unravel the mysteries of EMILY as she fights to save her father and defeat the corrupt shadow-government infecting the planet

·         Hand-drawn animation: EMILY features beautiful, hand-crafted animation and gorgeously rendered artwork by professional illustrators and animators with decades of experience in the entertainment industry

·         Integrated controller support: Enjoy EMILY with your preferred play-style, including support for both brand-leader controllers and natural keyboard controls

·         PC/Steam support: EMILY is planned to debut on Steam as well as DRM-free digital distribution websites before potentially arriving on alternate platforms.

Starting today, those interested can show their support for EMILY via Kickstarter and by voting for the game on Steam Greenlight.

If EMILY has piqued the interest of your nano-powered arm cannon, set your aiming reticle on those links above and fire at will.

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