Customisable and battle-ready Liara statuette available for preorder

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News by Jedediah H.

In the Mass Effect series, Liara was my leading lady. My Commander Shepard, in spite of all the temptations and opportunities to flirt or fornicate with his beautiful and talented (and sometimes psychotic) shipmates, remained – throughout the entire trilogy – faithful to his well-spoken Psionic love interest. She was sagacious, kind, and selfless, and my Shepard greatly enjoyed her company and insight. And now, thanks to Gaming Heads, all fans of Liara can celebrate her spirit with her determined statuette.

Here are the details of her figurine, which include availability, projected release, and pre-order and purchasing information, courtesy of Gaming Heads:

Greetings once more from Gaming Heads!

With production work on our Mass Effect Garrus Vakarian statue due to start very soon, Gaming Heads is excited to add an additional statue to our ever-expanding line up, and it’s one of our most customizable pieces to date. This time, also from the Mass Effect series comes Dr. Liara T’Soni.

In the same vein as our Garrus statue, Liara is portrayed in ¼ scale, and is 19 inches tall in a dynamic pose. Liara is also one of the most customizable pieces we at Gaming Heads have ever produced. Liara includes a selection of 3 interchangeable hands in the package to allow collectors to display the statue in whatever way is ideal for them.

Much like many of our statues we have also produced an exclusive variant of Liara. Whilst the regular version comes with everything mentioned above, this exclusive version includes a further 2 hands, allowing for even more display combinations.

The statue will be released in the first quarter of 2015, but is available to pre-order now at Gaming Heads’ website. The regular version (which is limited to 1000 pieces worldwide and costs $329.99) can be pre-ordered by clicking here. Likewise, the exclusive version (which is limited to only 500 pieces and costs $339.99) can be pre-ordered by clicking here.

Until next time!

-Gaming Heads

Can you just picture this statuette standing at the forefront of your collection, motivating you to take educated risks and to make the most out of your day?! I could (if only I could afford it). Oh, how I could…

-Jedediah H.

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