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Every so often a developer takes a crack of bringing big production values to the tower defence genre. It’s not a genre that I would have thought could work for more “serious” strategy gaming, but I remain open to the idea that someone will come along with a brilliant idea and make it work.

The latest attempt comes to us from Immanitas Entertainment with Rush For Glory. Developed by Parseh Game Studio, Rush For Glory promises to be challenging and offers a host of features that are aimed for more serious gamers. Nothing we haven’t heard from before, but find below a checklist that Immanitas has provided about what to expect in the game;

· Campaign with 10 different scenarios
· 3 difficulty levels
· Multiple achievements
· 5 types of towers with 3 different upgrades and 3 special abilities each
· 5 power attacks. Dead rain, trap, slower, golden tower…
· More than 30 enemy types with especial behavior PLUS boss fights
· Attackers, healers, supporters, turbo types…
· Game speed controller to make game speed slow and fast
· Additional 10 mini games for each level
· Elaborate techtree with more than 40 upgrade options
· Additional cinematic cameras
· Encyclopedia with detailed descriptions of all units, towers and weapons

Early screenshots look good enough… but will the game somehow break through the problem that the tower defence genre keeps coming up against and offer us something more than a passive diversion? That’s the question we’ve got right now.

– Matt S.
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