Baldur’s Gate II is on iPad now; you know where your wallet is

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News by Matt S. 

Good news, RPG fans! Baldur’s Gate II, which is arguably the finest RPG ever built (though Planescape: Torment and the original Baldur’s Gate, as well as Morrowind, are all close behind), is now on the iPad!

This is the enhanced version of the game that was released on the PC some months back, and while a certain Kickstarter is going to prevent me from taking the time to sit back and review it again, what I will say is this – in the hour or two I’ve dropped on it so far, the interface is exceptional and my iPad (3rd Gen) runs it like silk. 
It’s a massive download (it was released across multiple CDs back in the day), but while you might need to delete a couple of games to play this one it’s completely worth it. Games don’t get better than this, and for just $15, I can assure you, even so early in the year, this is going to be on the list of best iOS games for 2014. 
We’ll see you at the other end. Enjoy the quest!
– Matt S. 
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