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Konami has unveiled the deluxe edition of the latest LovePlus game in its ultra-popular dating simulation franchise. With that comes new 3DS XL models for people that absolutely must own stuff that they’ll never want to play in public.

LovePlus games star three different ladies so that players can form a virtual relationship with their whichever one catches their fancy, and Konami has tapped into that appeal by offering three different 3DS models – each one features a different girl on the case art. In addition, each deluxe edition offers the following content:

The 3DS XL, the game, XXXX’s Secret (a 40 page LovePlus visual & creation book where XXXX is your preferred girl), an illustration sheet with four drawings of your favourite girl, and a binaural CD with 10 minutes of your favourite girl talking intimately with you.

Inevitably these games will draw the usual ire of the HARDCORE CALL OF DUTY PEW PEW gamers in the west that seem to think everyone in Japan who buys one of these games is a pervert and marries their in-game romance (it happened once, and we all know how gamer logic works in this industry). But as someone who actually has played these games in the past I do feel compelled to point out to the HARDCORE CALL OF DUTY PEW PEW gamers that these are actually a lot of fun, and perhaps judging people for playing them without actually having played the game in question makes you look a little silly.

For the more rational folks out there; these games are a lot of fun, and if you’re in the mood to import, you’ll be able to grab this in the (Japanese) Spring 2014. I wouldn’t hold my breath for a western localisation.


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