Ashes Cricket might be dead, but Big Ant reminds us that Bradman lives

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A cheeky little email was dropped in my inbox this morning; Aussie-based Big Ant Studios has responded to the tragic news that Ashes Cricket 2013 is dead by releasing a new trailer for its upcoming Don Bradman Cricket 14 and reminding us that there is another cricket game on the way.

“Don Bradman set to save the Ashes” is the headline to the email. Cheeky indeed.

You can check out the trailer below. This is now, essentially, the last hope that cricket fans around the world have for a decent cricket game any time soon. The good news is that the game does indeed look great. It will feature a range of gameplay options that we haven’t seen attempted in a cricket game before; such as a career mode that lets you take control of an aspiring cricketer and bring him through the ranks to international stardom.

There’s full customisation options allowing you to build entire teams as well, which has always been a clunky process with previous games.

Looking at the trailer, the in-game action looks quite slick. Remembering that this is a budget title (after all, cricket isn’t a big deal in the US so developers can hardly throw the kind of budgets at it that FIFA or NBA games gets to enjoy), we have very high hopes of this game indeed.

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