Painkiller Hell & Damnation DLC blazes to life

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The sort-of rebirth for Nordic Games and the Farm 51’s old school action series Painkiller has a brand new round of DLC with ‘The Clock Strikes Meat-Night’.

Available now on Steam, the new content includes three new maps, new enemies,, new weapons, and more.

The DLC is packed full of new enemies, a unique character set, three new single player maps, new environmental weapons, dual weapon upgrades, a new health tarot card and the single player and cooperative gameplay have also been expanded. So join Daniel Garner on his carnivorous mission to break himself free from purgatory today.

And the latest round of content isn’t all that fans should expect to see. With a roadmap firmly in  place for the rest of the year, the Farm 51 promises there’s plenty more to come (and shoot).

“The working relationship between ourselves and The Farm 51 is growing stronger and we’re dedicated in providing content that players can really get their teeth into,” said Klemens Kreuzer, Managing Director Nordic Games. “The Farm 51 has a great vision of what things should look like and they always exceed our expectations.”

Aside  from the DLC offerings, the two companies are also collaborating on something new. Just what that might be is still to be unveiled, but whatever it is, we’ll bet on it being bloody… and maybe just a little bit evil.

The Clock Strikes Meat Night is available now for the PC on Steam for $6.99 USD. You can check it out here.

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