Rage of Bahamut, Marvel: War of Heroes and Guardian Cross Events

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A trio of popular mobile games I keep track of are all having limited time events right now. The oldest of the three games is Rage of Bahamut, and they have an event that just started this morning called The Sylvan Labyrinth.

This is basically what has been called a Raid Event in the past, but it is dressed up a bit differently. You still use Stamina to work through the levels, and ‘Attack’ is packaged a bit differently into AP values now as you trigger random boss battles. There are essentially three objectives:

– Work through the storyline levels
– Earn Maze Flowers that you can trade in for random prizes
– Collect Sylvan Berries to improve both your individual and Order rankings for better prizes at the end of the event

This is an event that will be easier for existing players, but new players have a chance to earn better cards at an accelerated rate as well. If you are a new player and want a referral code, feel free to use mine:


If you are a new or experienced player looking for an order to join, mine has some openings right now as well and it is: Kingdoms of the Lost

Next game and event – Marvel: War of Heroes

This game is set up very similar to Rage of Bahamut, which makes sense since it is made by the same company. This event still has about a week to go and is theme on the Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom.

This is also a raid event and is very similar to the Sylvan Labyrinth event above. You try to progress through story levels and try to acquire Raid Points that are calculated for rewards at the end and also ISO-8 Shards you can trade in for randomized prizes.

The overall event is a bit less complicated and in general Marvel feels a bit more streamlined than Rage of Bahamut. If you are a fan of one, you will probably like the other. This event is also geared more toward experienced players, but it has very low ‘Stamina’ demands as you progress through the story, making this an ideal time to try this game out if you have not yet.

My referral code is:


And our Alliance name is once again: Kingdoms of the Lost

Last but not least – Guardian Cross. Square Enix’s take on Collectible Card Games is also having an event that is starting this morning and running through February 7th. 

Crimson Keep is a 50 floor castle where you need to find keys to unlock doors, battle bosses and answer questions on your way to the top. At every 10th floor, you get a boss battle and a reward to the tune of rare stat stones for boosting your creatures. The last time there was an event like this, I reaped a ton of experience, items and stat stones – definitely worth taking on if you have the chance.

My referral code is:


I already have the max rewards for the referral codes, so I do not need them – but if you are a new player? They can help jump start your efforts by providing you with extra goodies that raelly make the games a lot easier at the beginning.

Happy mobile hunting!

– Nick H
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