Primordia demo oozes out

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The upcoming old school adventure title from Wadjet Eye Games, Primordia has a demo that’ll give you a serious taste of life after people.

It’s a machine’s world in Primordia. With humanity long gone and the Earth in a posy-apocalyptic state of the highest order, the mechanical denizens of the world are all that’s left.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world strewn with cast-off machines, Primordia tells the story of Horatio Nullbuilt, an introspective robot whose solitary lifestyle is thrown into chaos when his sole power source is stolen. Travel with him and his comic sidekick, Crispin, to the dazzling city of Metropol and discover the secrets of this mysterious world — a place where humans once tread, but are now merely the stuff of legend.

The game is up for preorder right now on the Primordia website, you can check that out here and order up if it looks like something you’d like to buy in to (it’ll be available on December 5th). It’s not to be available on Steam on the fifth, just through the Primordia site or If you’d like a chance to change that, you can vote for it right now on Greenlight.

And if you’re not into any of that but you’d really just like to give the demo a whirl, we’ve got you covered there too- just click right here dear reader -and enjoy.

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