It’s a Seriously great week on Xbox Live

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Serious as in Serious Sam 3 BFE that is. The all out shooter leads the way on what is a very solid week overall for the Xbox’ download service.

Serious Sam 3 BFE originally debuted on the PC and now it’s just kind of snuck up and landed on Xbox Live. I had the chance to play the PC version for a bit and I can definitely tell you that old school FPS fans will not in any way be disappointed by this game.

It’s pretty much everything you remember about the original games (and almost every PC FPS prior to those too) in that it’s simple and fun. Nothing overly complex- just shooting and running. A very nice change of pace from todays shooters if you ask me. Which… you didn’t, but still.

Also up this week is Zombie Driver HD. At first I was having a tough time separating this one from Blood Drive- the premise of both sound pretty similar. Cars, zombies and buckets of blood can only really do a few things after all. Here’s the kick though, ZDHD is a top down racer. And man, does it look like a good time. Nice looking graphics too!

Borderlands 2 also sees it’s first expansion this week with a little Pirates Booty, some pretty solid games hit Games on Demand, and all the big time DLC from Batman: Arkham City is on sale- so if you skipped any of that, now’s your time… to strike!



Deals of the Week

Batman: Arkham City

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