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2 Dawn Games’ new post-apocalyptic, multiplayer FPS gets a publisher and will be in attendance at PAX Prime. 

I have to say, for a game that’s seemingly come out of nowhere, Ravage is looking pretty darned sharp. With a post-apoc world as the backdrop, the shooter “hammers gamers with savage balls-to-the-wall combat featuring five classes, clan support and dedicated servers”.

Sound good? Here’s the newest gameplay trailer, featuring the gyrocopter in action:

With 32 player weapon based combat, as well as a plethora of ground and air-based vehicles to fight with, Ravaged might just be a serious contender for your multiplayer game time. Now that the title has a publisher (it was Kickstarted a while back), you’ll be able to check it out in all its gory (and from the looks of it- sandy) glory at PAX Prime.

Stop by the Reverb booth (#3340) to check it out. If you’re not going to be at the show, you can still have the chance to play by signing up for the closed beta (which is going on right now) by clicking here.

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