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Nintendo has declared August the ‘Month of Mario’ in honor of the plumber’s upcoming second 3DS adventure. Basically, that shakes out to one Mario eShop title on sale, each week, for the four weeks leading up to release day. 

Since New Super Mario Bros 2 is all about the gold coins anyway, it kind of makes sense that Nintendo would want to save you a few coins on Mario’s Virtual Console games for the portable. 

Now here’s the important part- each sale is only good for one week. The first special starts tomorrow and runs through the first of August, for instance. If you missed any of these classics (or Mario’s Picross), now’s the time to buy.

July 26th – August 1st

  • Super Mario Bros – $3.99
August 2nd – August 8th
  • Super Mario Land – $2.99
August 9th – August 15th
  • Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins – $2.99
August 16th – August 22nd
  • Mario’s Picross – $2.99
All this is (again) leading up to the launch of New Super Mario Bros 2. The second installment of the portable revamp will see release at both retail and on the eShop on August 19th.

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  • I own half of those, and I don't want to go to 2D d-pad only Picross after the DS installments – especially Picross 3D!

  • Yeah I don't know- I would've rather seen four new Mario games post at regular price than have sales on a bunch of Marios I have already.

  • Lots of Mario – not really a bad thing, but I flash back to E3 where it felt like it was 90% about Mario for Nintendo's presentation.

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