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Tequila Works’ upcoming XBLA zompocalypse side-scroller is looking pitch black.

I’ve got some high hopes for this one.

Yes, I know ‘another zombie game’ – but Deadlight has a pretty unique setting for a zombie game thanks to the folks at TW. Sure there are legions of the undead (otherwise it wouldn’t be a zombie game now would it?), aside from them though everything else is pretty different.

The game takes place in 1980’s California. Honestly, that would be scarey enough, but the whole thing’s coated with a thick layer of bleak that’s shadowed over a pretty realistic looking landscape. The mixture of visual styles gives it a pretty amazing look that reads like one part Limbo, one part Out of This World, and one part Shadow Complex.

It also doesn’t seem like it has a deep emphasis on combat. I’m sure there’s some in there, but it mainly looks to be survival as the name of this game. Whatever the gameplay might be like, one thing’s for sure- Deadlight has some extremely striking visuals.

Look for Deadlight exclusively on Xbox Live this Summer.

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