Nintendo Direct Japan broadcast: what happened?

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So, Nintendo Japan is about to kick off an online presentation/ conference. Naturally we’re watching as well, so keep an eye below for a running commentary as we watch!

The news will come in bullet point form as soon as we see or translate it:

– It begins.

– Confirming that Wii No Ma is being discontinued in Japan (video service; Japan only)

– Director of Kid Icarus talks, released 22nd March in Japan.

– Nintendo is showing off the Kid Icarus battle mode. It looks hectic, but incredible. For up to four players, I think. Lots of flying around, lots of fireworks. Grinding on rails for super speed. Looks a little bit like the Dissidia Final Fantasy games on the PSP, and that is not a bad thing at all. Suddenly I’m much more interested in this game.

– An amusing little feature in the battle mode, that might open some strategic options, it’s possible to fake a death. There’s also the ability to zoom to first person shooter mode for accuracy with ranged weapons.

– Yep, battle mode is indeed Internet based. Hello the 3DS’ first real deathmatch game. Thank goodness it’s the guy behind Smash Brothers behind this game, then.

– It looks like Kid Icarus’ item/ weapon collection system is fairly deep and interesting.

– Now on to the single player game. Nothing we haven’t seen so far in previous trailers.

– Ooh, that’s a bit new, there’s a sliding scale to allow people to adjust difficulty. The slider is big – nine or ten different difficulty settings. The slider is a risk/ reward system where you put “hearts” in the pot (the game’s currency). You earn hearts by killing stuff, and bet them in the pot. If you fail, you lose the hearts, but if you succeed you get more hearts from betting big.

– There is indeed Street Pass for Kid Icarus. You will swap materials for making cool weapons by Street Passing. You then use the collected hearts to craft the weapons.

– AR cards + special stand accessories to come with Kid Icarus.

– Time for Fire Emblem!

Release April 19 in Japan.

– DLC includes the possibility of old Fire Emblem characters returning for extra quests. Best DLC ever?

Pokemon + Nobunaga news now

– There’s going to be different endings, but otherwise looks much like we thought before – a Tactics-RPG style game.

– New title to be announced after May

Mario Tennis to be released May 24

– The game can be controlled using the touch screen as well as traditional buttons.

– 4-player online play. The 3DS is quickly becoming an awesome multiplayer console.

– Streetpass too

Fatal Frame!

– Looks like a remake of the second, released on the PS2

– Tecmo Koei is working closely with Nintendo on this one.

– 2 player mode

– Culdcept 3DS

– Probably not going to come out West, but a good looking mix of board game and collectible card game.

– Released in Japan on June 28

– Kingdom Hearts 3D 

– I think fans know what to expect from this one. It doesn’t look like it’s going to disappoint those fans.

– New characters, and you can use the AR cards to bring them into “the real world” and take photos

– March 29 release date in Japan.

– Rune Factory 4

– July release date in Japan

– Nintendo’s playing a promo video, and everything is exactly as it was for the three previous Rune Factory games. Which is exactly what we want anyway. Just in 3D.

– Original story, and a dating system before married. Looks like it’s taking the romance side quest one step further. You can adventure with village friends this time too, which sounds cool.

– Dragon Quest Monsters

– The remake of the first DQM game looks quite clean.

– Also has StreetPass

– That weird eShop download RPG with the face people is on the screen now.

– You catch them through the cameras and AR, and then battle cute little monsters with it.

– Cost is 800Y ($8)

– The Rolling Western

– Another great looking little download game

– Tower Defense crossed with Action game

– You’re protecting rice cakes. Ok, but it does work.

– Out today in Japan for 1000Y ($10)

– Time for some information on the Nintendo eShop

– Game Gear games confirmed to be coming

– Sega, Bandai Namco, Capcom collaboration, working together on a game. Uh, yes please?!?!?

– Secret project for now. I am excited.

Etrian Odyssey IV brief video shown. Release date July 5. About time that series hit 3DS.

Brain Training games finally coming to 3DS

– Train the brain while destroying the eyes? What a tagline. I should suggest it to Nintendo

– One game is going to focus on improving “concentration,” the other on “working memory,” whatever that means.

– These games are being promoted as being quite difficult, focusing on results rather than a casual gaming experience

Swapnote Diary

– Sounds like Nintendo is expanding their free mailing service?

– Sounds like Nintendo is allowing people to swap game information with one another. Activity Log, perhaps?

– Time for some promotional videos. The presentation itself is over.

So, what do people think about the announcements/ information bits from Nintendo here? Personally, Fatal Frame was enough to excite me all over again for the 3DS.

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