Big Bang Racing blasts out a trailer

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Digital Reality’s Big Bang Racing continues to impress with a cartoony style all its own.

The new trailer shows off the course hazards (oil drum!) and a bit of the multiplayer options. I’m very impressed by the overall level of polish BBR looks to have. The bright and colorful courses are super attractive too and it’s nice to see a company go the other direction from the realistic looks that most racers sport these days.

Although there’s been no announcement yet as to a release date or pricing as of yet, developer Digital Reality has announced that Big Bang Racing will be available on all three major download platforms. XBL, the PSN, and PC (presumably Steam) will see the title “later this year”.

Bang Bang Racing focuses not only on the speed but also on the technical driving skills of the race. The very intuitive control system and the exciting tracks guarantee fun for every member of the family with great visuals, exciting and varied gameplay and competitive multiplayer action. Players can choose from the 20 unique vehicles and eight colourful skins, all spread across four distinct classes, including racing muscle cars (like N-Dura), stock car series (like Evo GT), world endurance championship (like Protech) and formula one open wheels cars (like Apex). Drive high-speed, pumped-up racing cars through cones, tires and exploding barrels! Be one step ahead of your competitors, finding shortcuts, repairing your car in the pitlane, and see if you have what it takes to dominate your opponents from the top-down view!

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