Xbox Live`s indie games policy revised

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A few developers have been rather vocal about their disdain for Xbox Live’s indie game service, but perhaps some of those complaints will be disappearing this year. It was officially announced today that several policies regarding indie titles on the marketplace will be altered, in turn leading to a more consumer-friendly setup.

The three major changes are as follows:

  • Bundles can weigh in at as much as 500MB, more than three times greater than previous 150MB restriction
  • Any game under 150MB can be priced at 80 Microsoft Points, triple the limit of  50MB where a game needed to cost 240 or 400 Microsoft Points
  • Developers can now release up to 20 indie games, double the previous 10 cap

If these numbers are confusing, they essentially mean that developers can now produce more, bigger games that can then be sold to you at a cheaper price.

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