The Fenix rises on Xbox Live

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The newest Gears of War 3 dlc is officially out and available to North American gamers today. Unlike the last one, this is a return to the more traditional ‘multiplayer map pack’ type dlc that we’re used to seeing.

That being said though, there are 250 more points of Gamerscore to nab as well as 4 new playable characters. Recruit Clayton and Savage Marauder are new playables- and they’re joined by new versions of Thrashball Cole and the Savage Kantus.

Meat and potatoes-wise, the pack consists of 5 maps. And other than the re-make of (Gears 1 map) Escalation, they’re all brand new: Academy, Anvil, Depths, and the Slab.

If you’re a season pass holder for Gears 3, you’ve got all this automatically, so you DO NOT need to buy it over again. That said, if you don’t have the season pass, the content will cost you a meaty 800mspts and you’ll need to click here to be taken to a magic land of pony’s and rainbows… No, wait, my mistake- that’s not true. It’s actually a gritty world of horrible monsters and deathmatching where you’re going.

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