Shank 2 gets stabby in February

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EA announced that the sequel to popular downloadable beat’em up Shank, aptly named Shank 2- will be available on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 early next month.

Following in the footsteps of the first game, S2 will feature more of the cartoony side-scrolling action and unfettered bloodletting that you would expect.

Set in a pulp fiction world, Shank 2 puts players back in control of their favorite ex-mobster hitman, Shank. (developer) Klei has evolved the combat experience with precise controls, new weapons, smarter enemies, and more advanced combo techniques, all set to the backdrop of beautiful 2D art and animation. Players can put Shank’s trusty arsenal of handguns, chainsaws, grenades, plus all-new weapons to use in order to protect those close to him.

There’s also a new survival mode where you can team with a pal to take on “hordes of goons in an arcade style brawl”.

Sounds like good stuff- and if you’ve played the original, then you know it probably will be worth your time. Shank 2 will be dropping on February 7th on the PSN and PC ($9.99) and on February 8th on PSN Europe and Xbox Live Arcade (800mspts)

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