Lots of learning this week for Nintendo Downloaders (UK)

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If you’ve got little ones, and you want them to learn while they play, you’re in for a good week this week with Nintendo. Everyone else will have to make do with not much.

3DS owners can look forward to:

Virtual Console:

Balloon Kid (€3.00/ £2.70 (UK Only)). Ambassadors already have a colour Balloon Kid, for free, no less, but real Balloon Kid addicts, and non-ambassadors, might just enjoy this slightly different monochrome title.


Double Bloob (€5.00/ £4.50 (UK Only)). This is an unfortunately-named game. Rather than make the puns, which would be way too easy, here’s the description of the game, from the press release:

In Double Bloob you must help two siblings, Aen and Niua, save the planet from an invasion of Bloobs and rescue a little dolphin named Will who has been taken hostage. With the help of Doctor Maybe’s inventions, try to set the little dolphin free while shooting hordes of Bloobs that fly out in the sky. With tons of weapons and power-ups, as well as eight different worlds and 48 levels, you’ll have hours of fun trying to save Will from the evil Bloobs.

Successfully Learning Mathematics Year 3 (€5.00/ £4.50 (UK Only)). Learn maths. Have fun

Wii owners get just the one title:

The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s ABCs (800 Wii Points). Based on the popular children’s book, this game will teach the kiddies their ABCs.

So, anything for anyone this week?

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