MechWarrior Free-to-Play MMO? Ok!

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Set for release in 2012, MechWarrior Online is going to be one of those MMOs – you know, free to play technically, but plenty of incentives to buy stuff.

It’ll have all the trappings of a typical MMO, there’s going to be guilds, and you’ll be able to form parties of up to four people. There’s no offline, single player component, unsurprisingly.

It’s probably going to divide fans, given the history behind the project (Destructoid does a good summary), and you have to wonder how much room there is in the market for yet another F2P MMO, but on the other hand this one probably has more potential than most, given the brand value of the IP.

Thanks to forum member, Sgt. Frog, for pointing us to this bit of news. 

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